About Orion

Innovative start-ups from Gelderland that want to grow and are looking for help within the region are helped by Orion. This partnership of ten partners (see below) helps ambitious companies with business development, investments and competence development through a substantive programme and an extensive network.

Orion is active in the sectors Energy, Creative and ICT/Smart Industry/Artificial Intelligence. Crossovers with the Food and Health sectors can also make use of Orion's knowledge and network.

Orion makes use of the Startup Fund Gelderland, Health Valley (Briskr) and Food Valley (StartLife). Orion is an organisation that is called in when an entrepreneur knocks on the door of one of the ten partners or comes to Orion from the region's contacts.

Province of Gelderland

Orion guides and supports start-ups in Gelderland in their business development. These start-ups work on products and services in the Energy, Creative and ICT sectors. These innovative products and services contribute to solving major social issues, such as digitisation, energy transition or housing shortage. The Province of Gelderland therefore contributes financially to Orion, because we believe in the innovative power of companies to keep a smart, clean and social province.


ArtEZ Institute of the Arts is a university of applied sciences with locations in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle. ArtEZ trains for professions in which art, knowledge and creativity are central.


The ArtEZ Business Centre helps students with their work outside and after ArtEZ. All the knowledge that can be useful for students who want to start working immediately after their studies is collected by us and passed on to study programmes, lecturers, students and alumni. We answer questions, share information and mediate between artists and the field.


ArtEZ website


The Centre for Innovative Expertise Eastern Netherlands (CIVON) strengthens the manufacturing industry and the Built Environment in the eastern part of the Netherlands. CIVON does this by promoting innovation and developing talent and knowledge for High Tech Systems and Materials. CIVON supports market demand for innovation through innovative solutions.


The core activities of the CIVON are:


  • experiment & develop
  • training & lifelong learning
  • knowledge sharing & demand articulation


In addition to being a centre for companies in need of support for innovation, CIVON is there for young people choosing a technical education in intermediate vocational education. CIVON organises education and training activities for companies in the manufacturing industry and the built environment.


Civon website


Generation-E stands for the new generation of most promising energy scale-ups. For people who believe in their idea, in themselves and in a world free of fossil fuels. For companies that set something in motion: trailblazers and frontrunners. Entrepreneurs who can activate their ideas and make them a commercial success. Behind the programme are renowned knowledge partners who believe in profitable, clean energy.


Generation-E website


The University of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN) is one of the largest knowledge institutions in the Netherlands. The HAN provides education from its campus in Arnhem and Nijmegen.


Within the HAN, the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CvO) is the contact point for entrepreneurship. The CvO offers unique opportunities to students who are going to study at the HAN and want to start their own business.

Het Centrum voor Ondernemerschap is dé springplank naar succesvol ondernemen. Ze inspireren, informeren én begeleiden bij toekomstig ondernemerschap van studenten.


Het CvO biedt de volgende diensten aan: startersbegeleiding, hulp bij financiering, workshops & trainingen, events over ondernemerschap, begeleiding bij afstuderen/stage in je eigen bedrijf, Minor Onderneem de Zakenreis! en Top Ondernemers Regeling, ondernemerschapsonderwijs.


HAN website



Kiemt is a network active in energy transition and the circular economy. It is an innovative ecosystem consisting of representatives of companies, knowledge and educational institutes and authorities, such as municipalities and the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. Through its network of participants, Kiemt searches for opportunities by scouting, screening and supporting. In this way, ideas are transformed into innovative and viable sustainable products, services and companies. Kiemt actively supports starting and growing entrepreneurs in the East of the Netherlands. Kiemt does this for entrepreneurs who develop new technologies or services to drive and strengthen the energy transition and circular economy.


With an innovative idea come questions and challenges in the technological and business field with which Kiemt can support entrepreneurs. For example, by linking them to cooperation partners and helping them with business financing.


Kiemt website


Oost NL is the regional development agency of the East of the Netherlands. Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Change and the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, we strengthen the regional economy. We let entrepreneurs innovate, invest and internationalise in a sustainable way. Sufficient numbers of good starting entrepreneurs are desirable for a healthy regional economy and that is why we also support this target group. We do this, for example, with the Start-up Accelerator and the Growth Accelerator.

Within the Start Accelerator, you can apply for a voucher to hire a coach. In the Growth Accelerator programme, you can use a voucher to hire a specialist to help you with your growth plan. We also run the Investor Readiness Programme. In this programme, companies are prepared in 10 weeks for a proposition to an investor. We can also co-invest in companies through our innovation funds.


Eastern NL website


Innovative ideas are one of the driving forces of the economy. That is why Rabobank supports business start-ups with knowledge, money and networks.


In addition to special services and funds, Rabobank offers many extras. For example, Rabobank supports business start-ups by providing knowledge via the Ikgastarten.nl platform. Together with regional and national partners, we organise meetings and develop programmes. Rabobank also encourages innovative start-ups with awards, such as the prestigious Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award.


Rabobank website


Mercator Launch is de pre-incubator voor beginnend ondernemerschap op de Heyendaal Campus in Nijmegen en onderdeel van de Radboud Universiteit.


Onze missie is het stimuleren van ondernemerschap en innovatie. Niet alleen binnen de Radboud Universiteit, maar voor de hele regio. We willen ondernemende geesten versterken, innovatieve bedrijfsideeën helpen ontwikkelen en laten zien, en de startende ondernemers ondersteunen die met deze ideeën komen. Dit doen we door verschillende programma’s aan te bieden die helpen het idee om te zetten in een oplossing of om te co-creëren met anderen. Daarnaast kunnen we helpen met financiering en IP-bescherming, coaching en bieden we lab- en werkplekken aan binnen ons netwerk.


Radboud University website


Schuilt er in jou een succesvolle ondernemer? Bij hogeschool Saxion ontdek je dat al tijdens je opleiding. Ons Centrum voor Ondernemerschap helpt je met het opzetten van je eigen bedrijf. We moedigen je aan om te ondernemen met plezier, aandacht én betekenis voor je omgeving.


Saxion website


SmartHub Incubator Industry connects: we bring companies and startups together. We facilitate development, knowledge sharing and coaching of startups by experienced entrepreneurs. We also offer a network of companies and production facilities to startups. We do this as an open innovation centre in the Achterhoek, where startups, product developers and entrepreneurs come together. And where talent is always central.


Startups in the SmartHub Incubator Industry work on common themes and their own innovation projects using, for example, robotics, IOT, sensor technology, additive manufacturing and vision.


SHII website


Het Green Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) is een kenniscentrum binnen Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein. Het GEC schoolt en begeleidt ondernemende studenten, alumni en (toekomstige) ondernemers. Start-ups en projecten gericht op duurzaam en innovatief ondernemen worden door het centrum ondersteunt. Het GEC is er voor alle studenten en alumni, ongeacht de opleiding die er bij Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein is gevolgd. Het centrum werkt met een uitgebreid netwerk waarin faciliteiten, begeleiding en kansen geboden worden.

Our mission is to promote and support sustainable entrepreneurship of our students and alumni. We offer students, alumni and the business community an inspiring knowledge centre with many opportunities to train themselves and realise their ambitions.


Van Hall Larenstein website