Startup-Stories: SmartHub Incubator Industry

In conversation with Gerben Peet about Bombo Bikes, CoZo and Bekking 3D


SmartHub Incubator Industry is a cooperative that helps startups turn an idea into a business from one central location in the Achterhoek region. SmartHub Incubator Industry (SHII) helps startups through their network of renowned companies. Besides knowledge and a workplace, they offer support to the startups to develop their product. Gerben Peet, incubator manager of SHII, tells about 3 of the 10 startups with an interesting business model that he has coached.

Bombo Bikes by Thierry Crolla

Thierry Crolla, a student at the HAN, had collected a list of thirty business ideas. He researched the market potential of each idea on condition that he himself would be enthusiastic about it. He then went ahead with one idea: the Bombo Bike. An Italian retro-scooter brand merged with a bicycle design.


When Thierry ended up at SmartHub Incubator Industry (SHII) through a pitch, action was immediately taken to seek collaborations. He was paired with coach Iginio Voorhorst, a successful entrepreneur. Voorhorst put Thierry in touch with a website builder, a bicycle manufacturer for the production and a renowned designer for the design bicycle.


Thierry understands the business of his startup very well,
but he does not yet have the product knowledge or the technical background.
We can link him to experts from our supporters. Gerben Peet


In addition to suitable contacts, SHII provides financial breathing space. SHII finances two-thirds of invoice amounts in the beginning and keeps reducing this as the startup grows. Currently, the first prototype of the Bombo Bike is being made and crowdfunding will soon follow.


At the HAN, Thierry Crolla was supported by teacher and entrepreneurship coach Einte Visser in making the first steps in his company. This enabled Crolla to obtain the start-up voucher through Orion. The people who work with him praise him because he has his affairs in order, he has done a lot of research, he is open to feedback and criticism, but he follows his own plan. He is a textbook example of entrepreneurial skills.


The big challenges for Bombo Bikes are both the target group and sales. It is not a 500 euro bike, but a style icon. The Bombo Bike is for sale to a specific target group that loves a special design bike. Branding is very important here. The experience must be appealing. SHII is looking for the right partners, within their own network or that of Orion, to join the development of Bombo Bikes.


Kijk voor meer informatie op linkedin van Thierry Crolla.


CoZo by Jeroen Thiele


Jeroen Thiele's CoZo is at an early stage, but is unique in its kind. Thiele wants to develop a robotic arm that can be mounted on an Autonomous Driving Vehicle. He has named his invention CoZo. Large factories use Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) that pick products from a warehouse. At the moment, these machines are guided by people, which is no longer necessary in Jeroen Thiele's concept. He wants to take this repetitive, automatic action to a higher level.


Thiele has gained a great deal of knowledge from his work in factories and at CNC Totaal, where he controls the software for production machines such as CNC turning and milling machines. The link with this software and the CoZo robotic arm is easily made, as it is the same kind of technology. With his knowledge and experience, he can further digitalise and automate factories. The factory must become the machine, instead of machines that work separately in the factory.


CoZo fits with SHII's industry and networks. Thiele knows the suppliers for the basic components of his machine, while SHII has the contacts who specialise in devising the proposition.


CoZo has not yet been helped within Orion. What could the Radboud University mean? Can we link CoZo to technical students? Or can we present CoZo's case to the Business Development Team? Gerben Peet


To make this business a success, there must be a lot of focus on the development of the product. The system is complicated and the market is developing very fast so it should not remain dormant for too long. Soon, the first robot arm including AGV will be installed in SHII's workspace. Steps can be taken from that prototype!


Kijk voor meer informatie op linkedin van Jeroen Thiele.

Bekking 3D - Niels Bekking

Niels Bekking's company does not market a product but provides services. Bekking has worked for years in various places and has specialised in 3D drawing. He developed a 3D scanning technology in which he scans and reproduces in 3D the broken, hard-to-replace parts of specialist machines, engines or cars. He then converts the drawing into a reproducible product so that machines can run again.


Niels' service is very tangible and he has a clear business plan.
What we help him with is the customer base. We have shared his technology in our network, which has resulted in the first three orders for Bekking 3D. Gerben Peet


Niels is seriously working on expanding his network. In order to generate many orders, he needs to become better known by building up a large customer base. SmartHub Incubator Industry helps him with PR and developing a website. Possibly, Orion's network can mean more for the company in the future.


A pitfall for this start-up is the scalability of the business. The scan comes from the brain of Niels Bekking, not from the software. It is a combination of his actions. For the future, Bekking has to decide whether he would like to put together a team and share his knowledge with employees. For now, there are at least enough steps to make for the growth of Bekking 3D.


Kijk voor meer informatie op de website van Bekking 3D.