StartUp Interview: Ivan and Spence | Maxy

It’s been an exciting journey for Ivan Roy (25) and Spence van Asperdt (23), the dynamic duo behind DriveMaxy.


Ivan graduated from the MBA program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2021. He came up with the idea for Maxy to improve the traditional driving school market. Ivan’s strong dedication to innovation and customer needs has been crucial to Maxy’s progress. Meanwhile, Spence is pursuing his master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. Although early in his academic career, Spence’s passion for programming and eagerness to learn have played a significant role in shaping Maxy’s innovative platform. Together, Ivan and Spence have brought their unique skills to the table to reshape driving education.


Founded by Ivan in 2019, Maxy aims to revolutionize how students connect with driving instructors and navigate the road to obtaining their driver’s license. With its user-friendly platform, the young startup is committed to transparency and quality. In a recent catch-up, they share their trials, triumphs, and invaluable lessons learned along the road to entrepreneurial success.

Catching Up with Ivan and Spence: Driving Innovation Forward with Maxy

Lees hier het interview met Ivan en Spence (ENG).